Wheel Balancing & Alignment on the  Central Coast

Comprehensive tyre and brake services on the Central Coast

Since 1991, we’ve committed ourselves to offering expert tyre and brake services on the Central Coast. From tyre fitting and alignment to brake and front end repair, Peppers Tyres provides a complete range of straightforward services designed to keep you safe on the road with no fuss.

Tyre and wheel sales

We supply, fit and repair all major brands of tyres, both new and re-treads. Based on your individual requirements including preference, budget and vehicle usage, Peppers Tyres will offer you a selection of suitable options. Our convenient tyre fitting will get you back on the road in no time. 
Man providing wheel alignment on the Central Coast

Licensed brake and front end repair

Tyre fitting and repair isn’t all we do – we also repair brakes, steering, suspension and shocks. While the condition of your tyres is important, these other aspects simply cannot be ignored. Our team is always on standby to fix up the crucial systems that keep you safe on the road.

Mobile and fleet service

As well as workshop maintenance, we’re fully equipped to provide a handy mobile service to assist you on-site or on the roadside. This covers the area between Hawkesbury Bridge in the south and Morriset in the north. 
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Tyre safety advice

The experienced specialists at Peppers Tyres are happy to offer their expert advice on everything tyre related.

We’ll assess the correct size, speed and load capacity, along with tread depth, inflation pressure and wear patterns. Your tyre condition couldn’t be in better hands.

Wheel alignment and rotation

After colliding with a curb or pothole, it’s likely that your steering is askew. If you feel the vehicle drifting or pulling, wheel alignment is the solution.

This involves measuring the position of the wheels, and will result in better handling and a longer tyre lifespan. Two or four wheels can be adjusted. Additionally, we perform tyre rotation, which helps prevent tread wear and premature replacement.

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Do you require professional tyre fitting on the Central Coast? Call Peppers Tyres on 02 4389 2819

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